How Much Will it Cost to Cut My Tree Down? (The Basics of Tree Removal)

This is a question that we get in our offices daily, the simple answer is, we don’t know until we look at the tree. There are so many variables involved it is impossible to give an estimate of cost of removal (which is why estimates are free). But, there is one general rule that always applies: time. How long will it take to remove your tree?


Since the tree will remain consistent for every tree service who looks at it the only difference is what kind of skill,experience, and equipment does the tree contractor who’s bidding your tree work have?


If one tree guy has a pick up truck, a chainsaw, and some ropes and another tree guy has bucket trucks, cranes, and large lightning loaders to remove the wood debris. The time to remove your tree is going to be markedly different, not to mention the safety factor.


With that in mind, people are often amazed that the company with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment can bid the same price or cheaper than the guy with the pick up truck and chainsaw. The reason for this is simple, it will take pick up truck guy two days to do what it will take well equipped, professional tree contractor four hours to do.


There are three main types of removals. Crane assisted removals, bucket truck removals, and climbing/rigging removals. Commonsense dictates that the harder the tree the more it will cost.


Now for brass tacks. A 50 inch diameter, 75 foot water maple, in a fenced in backyard, limited access with heavy equipment, complete removal with cleanup, no stump grind. A realistic, ballpark expectation, $1,000-$2,000, depending on hundreds of different variables.


Obviously, a small tree could be as low as $200 to remove with a stump grind.

But, a large tree, or several trees can be a massive amount of work and therefore cost more.


No, tree work is not cheap. But, more than any other contractual work you will ever have done on your property, who you hire matters! The consequences of a mistake can be devastating to a homeowners property, or even deadly to the contractors employees. As we say in the business, this isn’t plumbing.


We hope you give us the opportunity bid on any upcoming projects on your property. For more tips on the basics of hiring a tree service, see this related article.

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